Check permission

As a data provider you have the possibility to deliver invoices on behalf of another provider using the provider_id attribute.

This endpoint allows you to verify you have the permission to deliver invoices for a particular provider_id.

Method URI Headers
POST /api/invoices/check-permission Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer your_token

Request body

provider_id must be an integer.

  "provider_id": 20802242

{success} Success Response

Code 200


  "success": true

success is a boolean that indicates if you have permission.

{danger} Error Response

Code 401|403|422

Code 403

A 403 code indicates that you are not a data provider and therefore not allowed to use this endpoint.

  "message": "This action is unauthorized.",
  "status_code": 403

Code 422

A 422 code indicates that the given data was invalid.

  "message": "The given data was invalid.",
  "errors": {
    "provider_id": [
      "The provider id must be an integer."
  "status_code": 422